Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What a difference a day makes

The heat of the Summer continued but there was a small seed of hope when the weatherman mentioned that there was a band of heavy rain approaching England from the West due at 4.00pm this afternoon. Imagine my joy when looking up from my computer screen I glanced out of the window to see rain, glorious rain dropping from the sky at about 4.45 pm.

As I traipsed home the rain fell and as it got closer to 7.25 pm it was pouring down, it must be the Englishman in me but I was really looking forward to a run in the damp, cool rain. So donning my windproof and my trusty running hat I left the house for a run through the woods to the club where I happily stood out in the rain enjoying the cooling effect it had on my hot, London weary body.

Really great run tonight I felt strong and controlled throughout but need to focus on my pace a little better, however I have an inkling that the cooling weather made a lot of difference tonight, let us hope it is cool on Sunday.

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  1. Jerry

    Just been catching up after my holiday. I have found that the heat really slows me down. A few weeks ago I was in the office and it looked like it was going to ran. When I got home it was pouring with rain and I just had to go out for a run. I got soaking wet and love it. I decided I am not a summer runner.I