Saturday, 6 August 2011

Aviva Diamond League

I had a wonderful evening out on Friday with two very dear ultrarunning friends of mine, Rob and David , you can see a picture of us together on Rob's blog in the header just before we were about to embark on the Ridgeway 87 mile race last year.

Regular readers will remember that David ran the London Marathon 4 times in 24 hours in April and Rob and I helped out in little parts of his amazing run, Rob (recovering from a smashed ankle) did 27 miles and I the 52.4 mile night section. David wanted to thank us for this effort and I was never expected such a wonderful one.....VIP tickets to the Aviva Diamond League athletics event in Crystal Palace.

We met up in a local pub for a quick glass of cider and then made our way up to the track to find us being directed to an enormous marquee, with a open garden area with parasols and chairs, fun areas for the children to play and food and drink coming out of our ears. I had a plate full of spiced chicken, salad, cous cous and cream of mushroom, scrumptious and then a bottle of wine was dumped on the table and free bottles of beer. To say we were relaxed by the start of the event would be a good description, we were sheparded up to the start to be placed in the best seats in the house, on the home straight, central but top section.

The racing was brilliant and we were soon surrounded by great athletes, Linford Christie, Lord Coe, TV preenters galore and I think it was Daniel Bailey (Usain Bolt's training partner) who unfortunately got cider poured down his back during our drunken fumblings!!!!!

The highlight of the evening was watching Mo Farah run a fantastic 3000 metres.

We returned to the VIP tent for more food and drinks but the partying was a little too much for me and chose to DNF with the others two as they were still up for it.

A big thank you to David for a lovely evening and all I can say I had a very sore head this morning and Mrs S was laughing at my state as I stumbled through the door telling her of all the stories I was telling her of the night

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