Thursday, 18 August 2011

Bag of Spuds

I awoke on Wednesday morning feeling really hungry, that gnawing, uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach that would not go away even after a pile of toast and Marmite! After Monday's car crash of a training run when I felt lethargic throughout my run and achy on Tuesday I have come to realise it is because I am just not eating properly or simply, not enough calories.

Normally, when at work I have a very similar lunch every day and a reasonably sedate job in IT, whilst at home in the past week or so I have been busy clearing the house and emptying the loft out of 40 years worth of junk. With this activity I have stepped up the mileage in my running but realised I was only having light lunches and with this have lost 4 pounds (2 kg) in weight in the last two weeks.

The delicious Mrs S, I am sure, heard me grumbling today about my hunger and my pleas of " I need more carbs, what shall we have for tea?" and "Can I have another slice of banana cake?" to produce a fantastic meal tonight of 4 pork sausages, garden peas and a MOUND of new potatoes with a dollop of strong English fit for a king. Amazingly that food hit the spot for within an hour the aches in my legs were diminishing and I felt generally more comfortable.

Make Note to Self: You have to eat sensibly Jerry

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  1. I hear you on this one. I've had the same experience on many occasions and that meal sounds like just the perfect cure. I have to make an effort over weekends to eat as regularly as I do at work.