Friday, 5 August 2011

Big Mouth, Small Brain

I sometimes wonder is it just me that attracts problems from dog walkers when I am on a run, tonight's incident just left me bemused by the tirade of abuse from this man without me actually doing anything, that story later but first I want to tell you what some people can be like in general.

As a lot of you know I love to wear my Union Flag shorts on special occasions such as a race or an event and Tuesday's bash run was one such occasion. My role that evening was to stand at the entrance to the woods from the main road near some width barriers where cars slow down to cross a weak bridge. I was minding my own business looking down the road for the racers when ever so often there would be a peep of a horn and someone would shout "Love your shorts mate" or ""   all these are in good fun and I often just wave it off and smile but there is always just some small brained idiot who will shout some homophobic comment at me or just say something plain rude. I assume Mr Small Brain thinks that wearing Union Flag shorts is some indication of gayness...who knows but Mrs S laughed when I told her?

Tonight's dog walker was on public land which has specific laws that all dogs must be on leads near horses or cattle and should be sufficiently trained to be called to heel. So there I was running up the hill minding my own business, he doing the same but listening to his Ipod, the dog gamboling around playfully. I could see that the dog could be a problem, not dangerous, but one that likes to jump about your legs creating a trip hazard. I decided to stop and the dog just ran off with the bloke shouting after it, I was just about to jog off when he turned to me and I was met with a tirade of abuse, wagging fist and basic threatening behaviour, my jaw just dropped in amazement of his reaction and I just shrugged my shoulder simply saying "Woooaahhh mate calm down, it ain't worth it" and ran off leaving him to try and catch his wayward dog.

I am writing this more as a therapy as I often dispair with the British male adult, if he is ignorant as this to his fellow countryman what the hell is he percieved by people from other countries?


  1. I encounter, for want of a better word, chavtastic persons walking dogs not on the leash often in Petts Wood. On one occasion I had a friend and her 5 year old son who was a bit scared. Just for stopping to let them pass we for a torrent of racist abuse. From one of the two women who said that these were woods for walking animals and we should clear off back to where we came from. So don't just despair of the British male. (You can probably guess I your non-running friend of SE Asian origin!)

  2. It could be worse. You could be walking in a sidewalk in Toronto with a 20Km/h cyclist running into you. (the old 1/2 mV2 trick ...)