Monday, 1 August 2011

Blink and you could miss it

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The legacy lives on and the search for new run focal points continues!

During my research for the recent Night Run In Search of Ghosts I came across an interesting fact that Knockholt, [Ock-Holt, Ock (Oak), Holt(Wood)]  was the highest village in Kent but in a group of trees called the Knockholt Beeches where the trig point is sited there is a Dew Pond where William the Bastard (or William the Conqueror) watered his horse.

It amazes me that I have run past the Knockholt Beeches on many occasions but:

  1. Never realised it was called Knockholt Beeches
  2. That there is a Dew Pond there
  3. It is 200 metres south of where George nearly got bitten by a horse
  4. What the hell is a Dew Pond?
So what is a dew pond? Simply put it is an artificial pond that is normally sited at the top of a hill. Being the geology of the surrounding area of Knockholt is Chalk and Greensand this is a very reasonable reason to create a pond for cattle which thrive of the lush green grassland on the escarpment.
Looking at the graphic for this blog entry towards the centre of the map you will see the numeral 237 which is the trig point just to the North-East is a very tiny circle, the perfect shape of a dew pond....time to investigate and see if it is still obvious within the Knockholt Beeches.

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