Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Enjoy the down time

Cracking run tonight of 20km on an overcast and drizzly evening part off road and then mostly by road. I seemed to be in a good, if a quiet and reflective mood during the run and happily plodded out the miles chatting about the various holidays people had been on and the awful thought of returning to work.

Having forgotten my headtorch I was forced to take the long route home via the roads and so was a little later in getting home and getting through the door I realised I had been on a reasonably pacey run without a drink and was gasping. However the delectable Mrs S had other plans and before I was allowed to cool down was told to get out to the supermarket to get urgent supplies [read as cat food]. So not wishing to go out in wet kit I grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of shorts destined for the wash basket, yanked off my running top and then put the shorts over my running ones.

So off to the shop I went, grabbed the supplies plus a couple of bottles of lager on special...at the checkout I heard someone behind me say something to her partner along the lines of "He must have wet himself!"

Getting home Mrs S ordered that I did not sit down on the sofa asking why I was told to look at the back of my shorts, they were soaking wet! It appears I hadn't thought the problem through properly as my sweaty running shorts had "leaked" and it looked as though I had wet my pants....disgusting!

Sufficiently embarrassed I went for my bath, extra suds and a bottle of my newly purchased lager to reflect on my successful run and the fact that I shouldn't wear wet running shorts under dry grey ones. 

PS I have forgotten how nice it is to lie back in a bath with a cooled lager and reflect on life.

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  1. Haha, that is really funny! I usually just go in my wet running shorts and only change my shirt. I now have a bath + lager planned for the weekend!