Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Head in Shame

As you will have seen from my last post we went to Brussels, Belgium for a short city break  [read as Summer holiday] on Monday and no sooner had we arrived we saw the news that London was in flames. It really angered me as one of the areas, Croydon, was where I was brought up and the house I lived in first after leaving home was just 100 metres away from the furniture shop that was burnt down, my old local just across the road. I then saw a shop 200 metres from my office in Brixton on fire.

Normally I run on my holiday and I just ove to wear my Union flag shorts when I do but this week I was ashamed to be English when Belgian waiters laughed and mocked us "You don't see our children making trouble here" To which I bluntly replied "You don't see mine either" pointing to my two girls at the dinner table.
Too much has been said by so many so far this week but I am truelly ashamed

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