Saturday, 20 August 2011

Is my heart in it?

I was reading an interesting item on a fellow GUCR runner, Brian News who decided to go for a 90 minute run with a heart rate monitor to see how far he could get with his heart rate between 130 and 135 bpm...he managed 9.4 miles which is impressive.

I decided for my 8 mile run this afternoon I would try the same thing but my heart rate ~145 bpm and was amazed that I managed to do it in 67 minutes. Not the fastest run ever but that was not the point of the experiment as it was to try and keep my body at a consistent and level of exertion throughout the period of exercise and the way I feel afterwards shows that I am very comfortable with the result.

So what does this mean for my training, let's see for tomorrow is another day and I have ~24 miles to run and think it prudent to drop the heart rate down to ~135-140 bpm so that I can take it easy and get the most out of my long run


  1. Going to have to get back into this whole heart rate measuring thing. Was trying to remember where I last saw my monitor. Testing my VO2Max soon would also be a good idea I suppose.

  2. I used it on my (shortened) long run run this morning and was amazed how it diverts my mind away from looking at pace all the time allowing me to just potter along at a very controlled effort. So what about slowing down to a crawl on the hill, so what for stopping to do my shoe lace up. My Garmin download show this frightenly flat trace for my pace good for long runs. I promise myself that I won't become a HRM convert but I will be using in the next few weeks