Sunday, 14 August 2011

Kent - The Garden of England

I had a nice short run with my running pals, Liz, Michael and Duncan this morning along the North Downs Way from Knockholt. Liz has got a hilly race very soon, Michael tapering for a marathon next week, Duncan and I along for the run of about 8 miles so it was decided to descend on to and then climb  the North Downs taking as much trail as possible.

This time of year it is quite trippy along the path with a few early slips and trips by us all we chose to take the first part easy until our legs were warmed up enough to take the rough paths. As we ran along it soon became noticeable that the hedgerows were full of ripening, if not ripe, blackberries such that Liz and I were soon seen nicking a few as we passed a nice bush....yum. Later on in Chevening I found an overhanging plum tree draped in its seasonal treasures ready for me to plunder so with three or four plums in my hands I tucked in as we ran, the succulent fruit juice dripping from my chin.

A shorter run than I normally do on a Sunday but still as enjoyable if not tough with nearly 900 feet (275 metres) of climb  mostly done on two very short ascents. With all that fruit I felt as though I weighed more when I finished that when I started, nothing better than fruit fresh from the tree.

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