Monday, 15 August 2011

LDWA member!

In a fit of pique last night I joined the Long Distance Walkers Association, or LDWA, for the princely sum of £13 per year.

So what does this offer me I hear you ask Dear Reader? Apparently I get a newsletter and a right to vote at the AGM! Those bits are not my cup of tea but I am more interested in the resources that the membership will provide, there will be notification of events and new (for me) routes to explore.

I am not interested in the organised walks that they undertake but very interested in the Challenge events when walkers, joggers and runners are invited to run distances of 15-100 miles all self-navigated using written directions or by map and compass. You will have seen some of my exploits at LDWA events such as the Sevenoaks Circular (see Gatliff also) which are brilliant and will take me through the North and South Downs in all types of weather. The events are ludicrously cheap compared to the ridiculously over-priced events that you see companies charge for a cheap old tin medal and yet another t-shirt you didn't need plus I now get a discounted price for all my LDWA events, I think I am onto a winner here.

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