Monday, 1 August 2011

Longitude & Latitude - Garmin 305

So there you are out on a run in the middle of no where, no map, no compass but with a phone and Garmin unit and you take a wrong turning, then another you are now lost! The nightmare scenario continues when you stumble and twist your ankle how do you find your location to inform the Emergency Services.

Simple, use your Garmin 205/305/405 to find your exact location ± 50 metres. A little known feature of these watches is the use of the waymarking feature. 

  1. In normal mode click Mode
  2. Click again to reach the sub-menu that contains Navigation
  3. Select Navigation
  4. Select Mark Location
The next screen you find will be you current Longitude and Latitude along with your elevation. Provide this information to the Emergency Services  and nearest known location...job done

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  1. This is great. I don't own a Garmin or any GPS type device. With all the trails running I'm doing I should maybe get one at some stage, even if it is only for emergencies.