Thursday, 25 August 2011

A nice surprise

Imagine the scene this Monday just gone I was happily lounging on the sofa when an email popped into my inbox which read:

As a result of winning the team trophy last year the organisers are offering one member of ORR a free entry to the marathon.
If you would like a free entry to the marathon please reply to me to arrange - first come first served.
I looked across to the Delightful Mrs S and remarked how beautiful she looked in the late evening light then mentioned if she would like to me to take her and the kids to the seaside, Margate being quite wonderful at this time of year! ;-) Immediately suspicious she asked why and was quite open to the idea of me going by myself, reeling from the shock I sent off the email within 4 minutes of it arriving,

The next day I received an email from the club stating I was the "winner" of the marathon place and so immediately made arrangements via email to the organisers who accepted my place and had provided a racing number to be collected on the day all within 15 hours of receiving the original email.

So the training plan has been adapted slightly and for an added bonus my ultrarunning buddy David is running too, I shall look forward to watching him resoundly beat me on the day.

MTA The run is 4th September 2011


  1. I'm running the Kent Marathon too, can't wait for next Sunday! Although I've also been told I'll be going on my own :) Hope you have a good race.

  2. That's awesome Naomi, all these months of following you on Twitter and I find we are running the same race. I hope to see you there, look out for my shorts.