Sunday, 7 August 2011

Out on the Downs

Brilliant run with Michael and George today out on the North Downs in Kent with fantastic views across the wealds. It was always on the cards that it was going to be a tough run today  as the route we were taking took us up and down the ridge around Knockholt, Westerham and Titsey Park.

Early start for all of us today starting at 6.30 am as we went West towards Titsey and were soon amazed when looking down from about 150 feet above the Pilgrim's Way we saw three Roe deer, not an unusual sight whilst on our runs but just lovely to see them happily grazing but then seeing us and darting off; we watched them leap and bound from our vantage point until the disappeared from sight.

The run was a tough one and when we got to the top of a massive hill we took a well deserved short rest and descended the ridge to join the Vanguard Way and were pleased with our navigational skills when we crossed newly harvested fields but were still able to pick our route and not get lost. We had to be on our guard today as the dew drenched grass was hazardous with both George and I twisting our ankles enough for us to whelp, Michael suffering similarly with tightening of his hamstring and IT band.

I am happy with this weeks running, I have taken a voluntary cycle down week as I can feel my legs are slightly tight at the moment....jeez, 43 miles is classified as cycle down week these days!!!

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