Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Sea of Yellow, Black & White

At last the evening many have been waiting for, the annual inter-club Bash Run. I am desperately searching around as to why it is called a Bash Run but I can only suggest that it is simply a "Party Run" and is when a group of runners meet up to compete against each other, this evening it was about  friendly grudge match between the two clubs I belong to, Petts Wood Runners (Black & White) and Orpington Road Runners (Yellow).

Due to the intensity of my running in recent times, the horrendous humidity and heat I chose not to run tonight as some of the regular readers will know I don't like the hot weather but was happy to assist doing marshalling duties and handing out position numbers to the competitors.

I left the house early this evening and took a leisurely run down to the clubhouse via a very bizarre route that allowed me to run for about an hour, deliver a few DVD's back to the shop then go to the start. Imagine my amazement when I ran into the park to be met by a sea of yellow, black and white shirts milling around, some warming up, others sipping a pre-race cup of tea with a slice of conversation.

I was soon sucked into being briefed and dispatched to my marshalling point to await to watch a sea of yellow, black and white shirtsrun past me, some gasping, mostly smiling, many determined to win the race. Soon the sweeper past me and I ran back to the start, sweating and ready for a cup of tea whilst I awaited the battle to unfold....a great evening.

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