Thursday, 25 August 2011

Thursdayitis *

 Thursdays have always been the hardest day to train for me and it can be a number of reasons from just being a tempo day to feeling tired from work or the thought of just being a little achy from the accumulation of training runs, a real case of Thursdayitis *

This evening was no exception but today it was particularly bad as I had fallen resoundly asleep on the train home, felt aches in my thigh on the walk from the station and then felt the possible signs of some sciatic pain in my calf/shin area.

Reaching home I made myself  dinner of a tuna fishcake with homemade chilli & tomato cous cous with a side of grilled polenta...then fell asleep for 30 minutes.

Looking at my training plan I knew that 8 miles was not looking good and so grabbed my kit and just ran, no planned route, no Garmin or HRM just me grinding out the mileage knowing that if I hadn't done so I would have grumbled for the rest of the evening. On my return I found that I had run just 8km or 5 miles but care not a jot as my legs seem to have settled and the aches smoothed out.
* The term Thursdayitis refers to the common phrase “I wish it was Friday”. Thursdayitis shares similarities to the well known term Mondayitis which refers to the first day back at work for most people. Mondayitis sufferers often use the term “I hate Mondays” as their way of expressing to fellow workers this displeasure of being back at work.

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  1. Haha, love that definition at the end! I find Thursday training easy as it is usually an easy day after my long run on Wednesday.