Sunday, 7 August 2011

Time to relax!

On no,no, nooo Dear Reader, not from running but have a little break with the family. Due to our BIG holiday last year in Canada we had decided to not have a holiday this year so we could recoup some money but had secretly stashed some cash away to pay for a short European break.

So on Saturday morning whilst nursing my sore head I went on to one of those web sites that have holidays at cheap rates at the last moment and managed to get a short city break to Brussels in a 5* hotel by way of the Eurostar train at a ridiculously cheap price. So tomorrow we head out to Ebbsfleet for the morning flight to Belgium, I have spent the day rushing around sorting out cat sitters, last minute bits and pieces and of course, the dreaded packing.

I have made no pretence of hiding my running kit which is freshly washed, packed and ready for some runs around the city or, if I can blag it, the posh gym in the hotel. Mrs S knows all too well that the kit will appear somewhere on the holiday and has now accepted it will go ahead anyway :-)

So looking at the menus we have beer, waffles, chocolate, chips with mayonaisse(!), witloof and the delightful Mrs S's and mine favourite jenever (Dutch Gin) thinks I will need some exercise to burn this all off.

I'll see you guys in about 3 days time, I will keep you posted of any running escapades from Brussels whilst I am there

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  1. "beer, waffles, chocolate, chips with mayonnaise, witloof and ... jenever ."

    "Brussels Sprouts", surely? Have Run and Have Fun.