Friday, 19 August 2011

Torn to shreds

This week has been a been a busy one when I have been clearing out the loft and garage of old furniture, wood and other stuff that collects over a 40 year period (my house used to be the delectable Mrs S's family home). It has been hard work with about 10 visits to the dump and to various charity shops in the area and I think I must have been up and that ladder than a tarts knickers. I needed to escape...

So after receiving a late afternoon text from Duncan I was ready and kitted out to meet him for a tempo 8 miles and had devised a route that took in some of our regular runs but joined up by cross trails. Halfway through the run there was a joint decision to take the trails parallel to the current road and so Duncan took the lead as he was more familiar to the woods there. The weather was rainy, overcast and quite dark and navigation through the wood was hampered by lack of light, new fences defending the new houses being built (gggrrrrr) which stopped well worn paths so we soon found ourselves at a dead end. So what do two trail experienced runners do but go "off path" to find a way following animal tracks and historical paths that were being reclaimed by Mother Nature we hacked, jogged and leaped through brambles patches, stinging nettles  and squeezed under holly trees to get back on a known trail to carry on the run.

On my return I was soaked through, muddy, bruised and bleeding from a multitude of scratches from ankle to thighs......a perfect run

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