Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Training Starts

WHAT? I hear your exclaim Dear Reader, you are always training Jerry! In part you would be correct but since the Grand Union Canal Run I have had no real focus as to what I want to do almost disinterested in challenges or races. You will have noted I have pulled out of the Hell on the Humber on Saturday as it no longer excited me.

So now a nice little number has arrived which is fully sanctioned by the ever diligent Mrs S and her wonderfully efficient Running RADAR, the Surrey Tops which hits every one of my running challenges:
  1. Trail running
  2. Self-navigation
  3. Has a night run section
  4. Small number of competitors (last time it ran there were 14 runners and 87 walkers)
So I have a nice 5 week training plan written  which takes in 269 miles (433 km) which is a big call so I am going to really pull the belt in and get going


  1. Looks like a race I would love. Happy training! 433 in 5 weeks is crazy!:)

  2. There is some inexplicable force trying to pull me towards ultras... it might be you Jerry!

  3. Liz, maybe I could introduce you to a nice entry level run of say 50km...."it is only 5 miles longer than a marathon" {{EVIL GRIN}}

    If anyone ever says that to you run away but seriously, you have done a marathon with ease and I reckon it would be a small step for you to get to 31 miles