Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Unexpected Trail Run

Whilst walking from the station this evening I received a phone call from my running buddy Michael asking me whether I was attending the 8 mile trail run at 7.15 pm from the News Shopper newspaper building in Petts Wood. I accepted the invitation reminder without breaking a step and then went on to text other people who may be interested to get the miles in before it got dark.

So getting home, scoffing down a delicious homemade curry made by the delicious Mrs S I grabbed my kit and ran through the woods and side paths to the meeting point to find a small group of my secondary club gathering and by 7.20pm there were about 12 of us ready for a 8-8:30 min/mile paced run. I chose to take my headtorch wrapped around my hand in case I needed it and we went off at pace taking in some of the routes that I know so well but with a group of people I don't run with normally so it was good to chat, catch up on the holiday news and plans for the future.

Mark, the designated leader for the evening , took us on a very nicely paced run with a couple of stops to re-group and was mindful of our pace and route. We returned to the carpark just before it got dark and were happy that the run ended at that point as it was getting just a little dark to run safely on trail.

On a personal note I was really happy with my run tonight, my recovery from Sunday's 21 miler almost forgotten by my legs and I was really feeling as though I was attacking the hills...Sunday's marathon looks to be an interesting challenge for me, I was even heard to exclaim that I felt like Hammy the Squirrel from Over the Hedge tonight!


  1. Nice run that gets organised so quickly. I forgot it gets dark late over there at the moment. Sounds like you will have a great marathon.

  2. After this evening's track session I feel quite happy to try for a PB...there I said it but it will be on my terms and at a controlled pace as it is not a target race but I may as well try on the way through ;-)