Monday, 29 August 2011

Voice of Reason

As the inhabitants of England, Wales and Northern Ireland thank the powers that be who created the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971 allowing us to have a public holiday today I have had a quiet day musing over some college marking and small chores. As ever during these quiet days when nothing is really planned my mind drifted off to the thought that I needed to explore that path in the woods that I have never ventured down today as an excuse to get out.

I then looked at more serious matters as to my progress this month and how I was a little disappointed with the distances I had covered with my mileage falling short by a few miles and started cursing my tardiness by undercutting this week by about 7 miles! Then I thought to myself that it was a completely nonsensical that I was saying this considering the terrain I had run on yesterday and had run a ~30 mile back-to-back on trail and VERY steep hills with 450 feet ascents. Then I looked back to see I had run back-to-back-to-backs and even done a four day streak adding up to 38.4 miles (62 km). So forget about the quantity I have done some incredible quality as well.

Having spoken to George earlier (who appears to have fully recharged batteries after his Summer holiday) and taking into consideration  that if I be truthful my legs are pretty tired I chose to listen to the voice of reason and rest today afterall tomorrow is another day and I have a marathon to race at the end of the week.

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