Monday, 22 August 2011

Who are you?

It is in the last week that I have noticed that here in England the evenings are drawing in and it will soon be impossible to venture into the woods for a run after 8.30pm without a headtorch and definitely not 30 minutes before sunset as there will be no walkers entering it to find you if you fall over. There have been calls for club members to wear bright clothing on Tuesday night runs which I personally think should be extended into just general safety for any time you run in the late evening either on or off road.

The next issue is when you when you go out for a run with someone next ask yourself:
  1. What is their partner's name?
  2. Where do they live?
  3. What is their partner's mobile number or their home phone number?

Then ask the same question of yourself, do they know yours? Now I am not expecting you to start running around asking private details of fellow runners as that is not the purpose of this entry, it is the point to just to remind you to make sure that you have your personal details somewhere upon you when running or going about solo training. I recently wrote about I.C.E and how this would assist the Emergency Services but have you thought about a simple piece of paper (covered in clear tape to waterproof it) with the above details on it that you can put in a  pocket or wristband. I have seen people use a small plastic keyring fob which you can put your keys on or attach to a backpack or you can buy a more expensive version for about £10 (I whince when I see the cost of this)

Now listen to this and enjoy:


  1. I started wearing an ankle road ID about a year ago for this very reason. Prior to that, it was a ID/dog tag attached to my shoe. ( use to drive my running partners nuts)

  2. Hilarious, I was carrying my front door keys in my shorts earlier on in the week "Clackity click, clickity clack, click" drove me nuts