Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Every cloud has a silver lining

Saturday will soon be here and I will be off on my 50 mile jaunt around the Surrey countryside, as I reported on 17th August (The Training Starts) I was planning to run 269 miles (including Saturday) over the past 5 weeks and I am quite pleased to note that my actual distance will be 241 miles which looks like a large shortfall but it is only a variance of about 5 miles a week caused by a drop in a long run and a few few miles here and there...I am not worried as the important thing is I have done 4 very good long runs one being a marathon in that time. Last night was the last run planned prior to Sunday however there could have been one more this evening.

A lady at the running club has been training a bunch of non-runners to run from nothing to 5 km on Wednesday nights and they were going to graduate this evening before their first race and she had asked for experienced runners to come along tonight to talk about the benefits of joining a club, I volunteered! I was thinking about this all day and was looking forward to it but found a message stating that I was no longer required and moped off to my desk where I stayed for 2 hours doing some programming. After I had completed my work I stretched and then realised that it was a good thing I didn't run tonight as I was tired and my legs are a little achy, time to "enjoy" the rest of my mini-taper afterall a run will not benefit me at the moment; Every cloud has a silver lining


  1. Enjoy the taper and rest up. I think I would have felt the same and then realised much later it was actually good. All the best for Saturday!