Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I got a right eyeful tonight.

This evening's plan, grab headtorch, run the 3 or so miles to the club via the woods, run with the 5 mile group and then run the 3 miles back via the woods again...good plan I hear you shout.

This evening's jaunt through the woods was a good refresher as the weather has been dry and the ground rock hard enough to be slightly eroded to expose some nasty trip hazards in the form of silver birch roots (nasty, shallow root system) and so took this section very carefully. I was also taken aback when I found that in certain parts of the woods the air was extremely humid especially in the shaded areas near the streams and this provides a new experience I will explain later.

Arriving at the club I again ran with the 5 mile group which I am really beginning to enjoy the opportunity as the people are in it are reasonably new to running or returning to it after a break and it is really great to see the various group dynamics.

So leaving the club and bidding my farewells I put my head torch back on I headed for the woods again. The woods at this time are a completely different place, nocturnal creatures are prowling and ever so often, in the beam of my torch, I can see a pair of eyes dart away, the railway tracks clink as the metal retracts in the cooling air. As I approach the areas that were humid from earlier I find they have turned to mist again hampering my run...at last I exit the woodland path  to hear a strange banging noise and a grunt to turn the corner to find a couple bent over a car bonnet....erm... in flagrante delicto. I am a reasonably broad minded individual and was not embarrassed in the least by the discovery as it was so dark I couldn't see anything anyway and carried on down the road with a series of muffled expletives being flung around between the couple who had obviously decided that the cul-de-sac was a safe bet for not being disturbed but hadn't realised in this part of deepest, darkest Kent, I enjoy my night running :-)

Nice set of runs this evening with the bonus of running with a good bunch of people.


  1. Reminds me of Bill Bailey's line, "It's the joggers I don't trust; they're always the ones who find The Body".

  2. I've had similar experiences on my early morning runs when couples don't go home after parties before they "dent the car" a little... :)