Saturday, 3 September 2011

Kent Coastal Marathon Prep

Whilst the rest of the family are out for the afternoon I have been using the time to get my kit ready for tomorrow's marathon, reviewing the course profile and planning my route there. I am trying not to think of this as a target race but it does allow me the opportunity to see how my training is going and get the dust out of my hair so I won't hang about on this one.

I keep seeing comments like "Enjoy the taper Jerry" or "Enjoy the rest" on various social networking sites but in fact I have only missed one planned training's (I had swapped Thursday to Wednesday)! However, having had a break of three days has had some benefits as I feel my legs are comfortable and not grumbling although I have a bit of tightness in my calves which I am gently stretching off.

The Kit
I have got the kit layed out and the only difference is I am running for Orpington Road Runners tomorrow as I "won" the race number through that club. I dislike running in their club shirt as it tends to rub me and shred my nipples so have tried to stretch it so may either wear a shirt under it or get loads of tape or vaseline under there. As ever, the Union Flag shorts are freshly laundered and I am taking my windproof jacket as there is threat of rain but will make a judgement on the day


  1. just wear a PWR shirt if it feels better!

  2. Haa hhaaa I have just seen this comment. You should have seen me this morning yanking and stretching it so that there was some room in it. I then daubed myself in vaseline