Sunday, 4 September 2011

Kent Coastal Marathon - Race Report

Leaving the house this morning I could hear the church clock chime 7.00 am as I chucked my kit into the car and made my way to Margate in the South-East of Kent. The journey was seamless and was really lucky to get a free parking space about 100 yards from the start and had collected my race number by 8.20 am, now what to do for 70 minutes, only one thing buy a drink and catch up with friends.

My training has been going OK in recent times but I know that the mileage has been high with little rest but I was going to see if I could get near my personal best of 3:44 hours as possible. Stark warning were put about to not race off with the half-marathon runners and to run your own race which I took heed of as we sent off just after 9.30 am.

Things were going great with me taking on the slightly hilly course confidently and moving up through the field at a pace I was happy I could keep up with for the rest of the race that was until I got to about mile 6 and I suddenly got stomach cramps (I am getting fed up with these) and was desperate for a toilet and asked every marshal I passed to a shrug of the shoulders. Luckily it passed but at mile 10 it returned with a vengeance which took the edge off my speed but I carried on and as I passed the Start at 13.1 miles I was very tempted to throw the towel in but refused with a plan to continue on for a toilet or go as far as I could. At last at mile 14 I found what I had been looking for and went about my business.

Afterwards I looked at my watch to find that obtaining a PB was beyond my means so decided at this point to "revert to type", pull off the speed and just plod off at 10 kph average a plan I am pleased I made as it was soon to become very warm as the sun burnt off the early clouded sky.

So the run went on and soon dropped down to the shoreline below the cliffs to allow us to run for about 10 of the next miles on the flat with only a few steep ascents and I was soon to see Margate in the distance to be met by a hill that on normal days would be a matter of skipping up but this course had taken its toll and I walked it until the top but soon found a new lease of life realising that I only had 3/4 mile to go and I had a race on my hands with another gentleman who remained behind me the distance...that is until I had entered the funnel and was 5 feet from the line when he pushed.....yes pushed me aside and went over the line before me, I was none to pleased with this unsportly behaviour and made it known to see him scuttle off into the crowd.

I passed the line at 4:12:06  by my watch with an official time of 4:13:02.....that is almost a perfect 10 kph pacing and an average heart of 147 bpm, I am pleased with that.

What makes it even better was the club I ran for won the Kent County Championships (but not because of me though)


  1. what a cheeky so and so, he actually pushed you!? Should have returned the favour and legged him up!

  2. That is shocking behavior! Well done for persevering through your bad spell.

  3. I am glad I did in the end, I am just going to look forward to my taper for sure over the next two weeks before Surrey Tops

  4. Nice run Jerry, congratulations. Stomach cramps can really mess things up and I think you did extremely well in the end. You ran wisely and had a good finish. Rest well!