Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mileage dip

It is the forth week of my five week crash training plan and it is all coming together nicely and looking at the mileage requirements I am very pleased with it so far although I am down by about 20 miles over the 4 weeks caused by a reduction in miles on a  few mid-week runs, this I care not a jot for my long runs have been fine.

I have a small week this week and was really pleased to get out tonight on a pacey 10km run with the club ending with a little race in the last mile with a couple of the guys, my calfs are a little sore and stiff but the run has done them some good by getting the blood flowing. So whilst knowing that the 50 mile event is not a race but an endurance run I am being careful by now dropping the mileage slowly just so that I am fully prepared.

Issues this week:
  1. Back down to 8½ toenails after Sunday
  2. Two ankles rubbed raw from a previous trail run
  3. Tight calfs


  1. Enjoy your taper week. I'm in a taper week myself before my 50km mountain race on Saturday. All the best!

  2. Johann

    I am looking forward to seeing how your 50km will go as it sounds awesome, I just love the idea of a race that requires rope ladders at such a late stage.
    All I say is if you can't be good, be careful