Thursday, 8 September 2011

My feet need some TLC

Here we go again I hear you shout Dear Reader, "Jerry hasn't been looking after his feet again!"

In some respects you are right but in fact I learnt my lessons last Winter when I suffered some horrible cracked heels from running in wet, cold and muddy terrain week after week. I have been checking my feet on a regular basis, making sure that callouses are cared for and tended to whilst also ensuring that nails are cut and hardened areas are moisturised (go on laugh but it makes sense).

In recent times I have been doing quite a lot of trail running and I got some minor abrasions around the ankle which were not worth talking about...until I ran a marathon last weekend! This is a classic example of looking after minor wounds immediately before they get worse 20 miles down the road something I did before the marathon but used the wrong type of plaster which fell off at some stage and now I have sore patches the size of a penny below each ankle bone where the shoes rub......gggrrrr.

Next is the ever present blackened toenail but this one is a cracker as it is an enormous blood blister below a regrowing damaged nail which has caused it to "float" around the top of my toe. This is now heavily taped whilst the area hardens so that infection does not set in..

So after tonight's 9 mile trail run with George I giving my feet a nice airing, big daubs of moisturiser and tomorrow where a pair of  Karrimor K2 sandals, afterall it is dress down Friday!

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