Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Next Steps

Last night I was happily sitting in the armchair resting my sore legs when I realised that the next few months were getting a little busy from so many areas, I was back teaching at College, work requires much more of my time and there were a few events I wanted to take part in...time to plot and plan.

The delightful Mrs S was out at work, the kids ensconced in their bedrooms writing billet-doux to Facebook friends, my chores done and so the trusty workbook training template was opened and a grid filled with diary and work commitments and the dates of events highlighted. I was amazed that it took just over an hour to fill  and then tweak so that I had at least a few days off here and there. 

This is a really important process to undertake as it now gives me an impetus to work through the winter now with challenges along the way in the form of LDWA challenges which will be discussed in future posts

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