Friday, 16 September 2011

The night before the Big run

I have been here many a time this year and over the past 12 months but I still get excited about the idea of trudging over hills, stumping my toes, twisting my ankles and scratching my legs to shreads for 12 hours.

All the traditional routine but essential things have been done, kit washed and folded, food collected and stockpiled, maps worked on, batteries changed in torches, fish and chips eaten....then everything is packed, unpacked fiddled with and repacked.

Looking forward to my adventure with my new found friend Gemma who sounds brilliant fun and a great companion. I have to drop off the darling Mrs S to work early and then I will be blatting around to the start some 53 miles away, however I will be travelling 12 times faster in the car than on foot!


  1. It sounds like heaven, enjoy. I notice that you have Veggie Percy Pigs(Gelatine Free) Is there any reason for this than (say) over normal Percy Pigs?

  2. It is heaven for the Veggie Pigs it is an "in joke" with a chum and will be a snack for anyone who wants one