Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Spray Day

After my public announcement of my new training plan it would have looked bad if on the second day I blew out from a run with the club but was happy to take a shorter route. Normally I would run to and from the club house but my plan stated that 5 miles was what was needed tonight, I was also very pleased to see the word Recovery next to the digits!

Arriving at the club by car, a rather decadent option, I enjoyed the chat deciding to team up with some of the guys who were out for the 5 mile option. This week the group's numbers were swelled by a large number of people who had improved significantly of late and wanted to "move up"...good to see.

Run done and happy that my legs had survived apart from a slightly sore tendon in the knee I went immediately to pick up a couple of bottles of cider and a bag of cashews from the supermarket. I wandered down the medicine aisle and noticed a spray can of Deep Freeze Cold Spray...a spot purchase "'cos I was told by Mike that cold is good".

When I got home I went into the kitchen with my purchases, read the instructions on the can and then decided to spray my knee and thigh "Hold 15cm from affected area and spray in 2-3 short bursts" I did and whilst happy that the cooling was good for my knee it saw the delightful Mrs S and myself running from the kitchen spluttering and rubbing our eyes as the butane and ethanol seared our corneas and settled on the back of our throats...Mrs S none to pleased! :-)

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  1. Funny about the spray in your throats. I can think the Mrs was not happy. Thanks for the kind words on my blog.