Thursday, 15 September 2011

Things to do when you taper...find some tape!

It is Thursday and I only have 5 miles in my legs for the week and as per norm when tapering I am feeling fidgety and achy, perfect symptoms of a carbload going well so I am doing what every runner should do 2 days before a race...get your kit together in a pile.

Once done I decided to set up my torch onto the strap of my backpack so that I can have some extra lighting during the night section of my run something I have found really useful in the past especially when map reading and to get extra depth perception when using a headtorch whilst leaving my hands free.

I have some old zinc oxide tape that I no longer use that is perfect for the job in hand, one because it has a good adhesive but does not leave a sticky residue when it is removed. Now all I need to do is to find my ruddy headtorch which seems to have gone walkabout.

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