Sunday, 11 September 2011

An unusual destination

The QEII Bridge from below
Today's run probably had one of the more unusual turn around points for an out and back run for a little while! Not many people have seen the underneath of the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge or touched one of its stanchions, George and I have!

A later start than usual due to having to drop George's daughter off at a hall for a band competition saw us arrive at Cray Meadows, Bexley at about 7.10 am ready for a planned 21 mile run. The route would take us along the Cray River and then through to the River Thames to the north. The have been threats of the remains of hurricane Katrina coming across the Atlantic so I chose to go prepared by wearing my windproof jacket but within a mile I had it in my backpack as it quite humid this morning.

Taking a break
It is only until we had started out did I inform George of the change in turn around point which saw us take a new route at the 6 mile mark to get onto the East bank of the River Cray to the most bizarre landscape I had seen for a while with dramatic meandering dikes that were built as flood defences around the river. It took us around salt marshes, herds of cows shocked by our presence and herons fleeing into the air.

Even the graffiti
matches George's shirt
We commented that we were probably the first people to take this section of path for a long time and not a trip for the lone runner. Looking at the map below you will note the route turns East along the River Thames which was even stranger as it was obvious there were paths but still no evidence of footfall from people. We were soon to arrive at the QEII bridge and stand underneath listening to hundreds of vehicles thundering about 200 feet above us a surreal moment as we had a short break, have a drink and take in the scene before we return to the car via the same route.

A really great training run today, strong, consistent and showing we are ready for our races next weekend. I am due to have a 6 mile run on Tuesday but I will see how I feel as my legs have gone through a lot in the past 8 days (62.6 miles or 100km) but will probably go out for a couple of very gentle jogs before next Saturday


  1. Brilliant Jerry.

    Gutted I missed it as it seemed to be a very different run from the normal Jerry escapades :-)

  2. Sounds like a fascinating run, but to pick 9/11 to go and closely inspect a prime terrorist target? You were luck the feds weren't there waiting for you.
    "Yes officer, me and my friend get up on a Sunday morning to run for 21 miles"
    "A likely story, rendition for you..."

    I've already forwarded the fourth photo above of you standing in front of the twin towers to them as evidence.