Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Who's that bloke?

After Sunday's out-and-back run to the QEII Bridge in Dartford I have felt a little sore in the outer quad area of my legs and have been stretching them off when possible. I have a habit of doing it when in the office kitchen when I think no one is around but have been caught a couple of times with comment so have stopped doing it now!

Tonight was a planned 6 miles but I really did not want to do it at any fast pace or any hills as it would serve no benefit for Saturday's challenge and so decided to run with the 10 min/mile group to settle my legs and also to get to know a few people I had not had the pleasure of running with yet. For some reason tonight I was really chatty (more than normal) and was enjoying the banter and conversation however after a while I found myself near the front but happily off the shoulder of the run leader.

On our return I was approached by one of the runners who reported that a couple of people were talking about me at the back "You see that man at the front, he runs in group 4, he runs long distances" to which the reply was "How old do you think he is? About 30 years old?"

I laughed my head off, I know it was dark tonight which luckily (for them) must have hid my face but they are only 16 years out....and no, I am not 14 years old...I feel quite flattered :-D


  1. Likewise Mark, I wish more people would swap around the groups as we do tend to hang around with the same groups all the time