Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Close Encounter of the...

...Forth Kind?

As is the norm these days I ran to the club through the woods which was a little bit tricky this evening as the ground was wet and muddy, there were newly layed leaves on the path and the roots were hidden and slippery, time to be careful. Getting to the club we mustered at the agreed point catching up with the week's news awaiting the group leaders to tell us what the plans were "...blah, blah, blah, turn left blah..." when, as usual, my mind wandered and I looked up at the starry sky to see a very bright star moving across my vision, too high for an aeroplane and too bright for a normal satellite, I turned to our resident star and planet expert, Mark, and asked if he thought it may be the International Space Station, he agreed and I was satisfied until it suddenly disappeared and was excited that I  was seeing a UFO until he reminded me that it was cloudy....yes, he indeed is an expert.

Good run this evening, ~7 miles with my old (faster) group and I was in the groove, really pumping out the tempo enjoying the feeling of rubbing shoulders with the faster of the group who I think were being very kind to let me think I was doing well.  I was happy to cruise as I wanted to duck out and run through the full width of the woods to home with my headtorch as I didn't fancy an end of run race to the finish line.

Once I was into the woods and my headtorch was on I kept a consistent, if not careful, pace along the paths and was halfway in when I heard a loud "WHOOOP" from the main woods to my right and behind me, I continued on and then an "RAAH HAA HA" really strange voices in the darkness and in the woods. Then about 800 yards away I saw a halo of light coruscating through the branches in the distance, I continued taking the zig zag path of the river slightly perturbed by the lights getting brighter and the strange calls getting closer.

I reached the end of the path and turned in the direction of the lights  and noise to be amazed that around the corner came 30 high specification halogen lights attached to 10 cyclists and their bikes, the lead shouting to me "Turn your light off mate it's blinding me!" I am not sure if he was being serious or jesting but I ran off strangely disappointed that ET wasn't around the corner wanting to borrow my mobile phone but highly amused that 10 cyclists were now arguing how to get their bikes through the chicane barrier that is supposed to prevent cyclists from entering and leaving the woods...oh the joy :-D

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  1. During our workouts we often see things that the other persons usually don't notice: animals, lights in the sky, mysterious shadows etc.