Saturday, 22 October 2011


This evening I decided to have a break from running as my ankle was a little sore promising a run on Saturday and Sunday if all was OK. I was then volunteered by Mrs S to drive my youngest and her to a very large shopping mall about 15 miles away and so jumped at the opportunity as I wanted to go to the running shop to see if they had some Mizuno Waverider Harrier shoes a nice low profile shoe allowing me to stick to the trails. The visit was more to have a look at them, try them on and see what else was on offer as I have wrecked my usual shoes with all the off road stuff I have done recently.

Leaving the family to go to the various fashion shops I sneaked off the running shop with a spare pair of socks in my pocket in case I wanted to try some shoes on.On entering there were the usual suspects: Inov-8 Mudclaw, Adidas Kanadia and some Asic. Whilst perusing the racks I was approached by this young assistant who asked if I needed some help and I said:

"Have you any Waverider Harrier in stock?"
"Waveriders? Yes" finding and handing me a pair of Waverider road shoes
"No, I was looking for the Harrier, the off-road version of these"
"No such thing sir"
"Yes, the Harrier is the off road, low profile shoe"

This comment was met with a look of disbelief  and I was deftly handed the Adidas Kanadia which I have owned before, cut me to shreds and made me lose 3 toenails I told her that they were not an option but thought I would try them on to see if the new model was any, too tight across the ball of the foot but great room in the toe box, laces now slimmer and longer (still a nice show, just not for me) I handed them back mentioning my findings, the next tirade of fiction resulted:

"You'll be OK, we can give you a size up, the extra grip will be good and when you run on trails you don't need support as the mud will cushion your foot" I was beginning to get rather perturbed by the information she was providing me letting it play out to see how far it went asking to see the Mudclaws, this was a new experience as I have heard a lot about the shoe but never tried them on. The Mudclaw is renowned for being a great as a mountain/fell shoe, great grip on wet rock whilst being brilliant in mud. I tried them on, pulled the laces out wide and really wanted them to fit but alas my wide feet let me down yet again and was worried about the lack of cushioning. "You will be fine sir, when you run on trail you don't need as much cushioning as the mud and leaves will do it for you." I pointed out that was not strictly true as it was shoe that supported the foot not the terrain and was unwilling to try on long distances

I was now beginning to get really worried who was feeding her this $h1t? She continued...."The studs will be great in the mud and won't allow you ankle to roll about" I mentioned then that I did long distance running mainly on trail and what she said was not strictly true and whilst assisting in lateral support didn't stop it and then she said the most ludicrous thing

"If you are doing long distance trail runs I suggest that you think about wearing spikes!"

I had had enough, the young assistant was being really attentive, got the shoes at a bound when requested but I was really concerned as the information she was providing was just misguided but not dishonest. I am a reasonably experienced runner and was able to sift through this diatribe and able to identify therefore ignore the wrong information. My concern is that people new to running will listen and believe what is being said and in doing so open themselves to unwarranted injury.

I know the assistant was not knowingly being deceitful but chasing the sale but some of those comments (in red) were just outrageous

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  1. Oh dear! Spikes for long distance and mud and leaves as cushioning...I'm glad there are no trails with loads of stones. I don't even understand how her logic has worked on most of those "red" comments. Wow.
    I guess if you were being pedantic you could argue that Mizuno Waverider Harrier aren't a shoe, as I think they are just the Mizuno Wave Harrier...but that's really no excuse for claiming they don't exist.
    I do worry what happens in the case of customers who come in with little background knowledge, and would leave having taken her advice. At least you can walk away baffled, but without harm (to your feet, legs or wallet).