Saturday, 8 October 2011

Getting back on my feet

This is probably the most frustrating week I have had this year; what with my bruised foot and ankle to then get a stinking cold last Monday. Although my ankle felt alright on Thursday my foot didn't then on Friday my foot and cold felt OK but the ankle started to grumble again. So the choice was to write off the week where running was concerned.

I was looking forward to a 22 mile pack run on Sunday, had it all planned and even had the fullest consent of the delightful Mrs S....then I remembered early this week that  it was my club's 10km race and I was the half way timer and Jelly Bean marshall which I am duty bound (obviously) to attend so my pack run was out of the picture, I couldn't win,

So tomorrow I will have to run by myself and do a 13 mile (21 km) cross country run, I plan to run out along an old favourite route of mine but locate a hidden (but very useful) footpath that takes to the highest point of the planned course and joins two routes we run in parallel valleys. To allow me as much time as possible on the trail I am going to park near the start of the 10 km course so that I can change into dry kit, I just hope my ankle and foot will be OK.

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