Saturday, 1 October 2011

Into the heat

I can't believe that on the first day of October I am preparing to go on a longish run planning what clothes I should not wear!

On the equivalent run last year George and I ran a 17 mile run, in the rain with the temperature at 14 C, this year it is expected to be 29 C and very sunny. Tomorrow we had planned to run with a group from the club who are preparing for the Beachy Head Marathon but they will be starting at 9.30 am which is possibly foolhardy in the current heat as they will be into the hottest part of the day by mile 15 with very few places to get water.

As for us we are running out at 7.00 am but I will be wearing a vest, shorts, hat and 1.5 litres of fluid comprising 2 x 500mls bottles on a belt and a handheld disposable bottle which I can discard as we get into the run. Now that I am in a vest I better find some sun screen, it is gonna be a hot one.

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