Sunday, 9 October 2011

Memory Lane

Whilst tidying up the spare room the other day I came across an old 40Gb hardrive that I used to store College work and general files so took some time tonight to check what was on it; Imagine my joy in finding the picture of me below and the memories it holds.

It was 20th April 2008 and it was the anniversary of my return to running which coincided with a 10km race between other members of the club. You can see a very determined look on my face, a definite lean forward from the leg, I had all the intention of winning my handicap group and get a personal best to boot. At the very moment this picture was taken I had covered my 1,000th mile with the club, both training and racing, I was determined.

That day I got a PB of 45:12 and won my handicap (I think I came fourth overall in the race) and I was really chuffed.

To think what I did in a year, then, was what I did in 20 weeks this times have changed

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