Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mind on another planet

Yes, running as a hobby is self-indulgent, self-absorbing and all about yourself....come on be truthful. Look at me, why did I start running? It was because I was an ex-smoking, over-drinking, over-indulgent fellow that needed to shift some pounds. Ask a new person to running and the reasons are similar and we often retract into our worlds for as many hours or miles as we them the ME hours/miles.

This evening was about churning out 12 miles as easily as possible and get home to a warm bath but I have to admit that I was in a particularly mischievous mood with a lot of mickey taking and noise. There was Matt winding down ready for his Beachy Head Marathon on Saturday, Mark "tip toeing through the tulips" and another lady who had music playing from her pocket which seemed to get louder the faster she run! All stuff that keeps me amused and my mind off my aching thighs and ankle.

So getting home, full of endorphins I rushed around to get a drink and smile to myself for a job well done when passing my youngest daughter's bedroom was met by said child who stated:

"A cylinder of radius 4x is filled with water to height h into which a ball of radius 3x is dropped. Calculate the increase in height of the water in terms of x"

All memories of running now evaporated from my mind as I was called to task and had to "prove" my ability to solve and explain this insane educational request...not easy at 10.00pm.

My point? I don't know really, is it guilt? No, I don't think so but me being mindful that other things are happening around me when out running having "me" time


  1. That question has missing information. If it's a "ball" we have to assume the most likely scenario - that it floats, in which case the question is unanswerable. If it's lead shot or a cannon ball and it sinks, that's a different matter. ;-)