Saturday, 22 October 2011

Next short term challenge!

I have had the go ahead for my next challenge on 3rd December. Here is the email from my friend Brian:

Hi guys
Its my 40th birthday on Saturday 3rd December and I was thinking about what to do to mark the day and ...
...on that day there is a 40 mile run in Wales in the Brecon Beacons so I thought wow why not run 40 on my 40th?! I would need someone of your 'ultra' standings to get me round and I thought it would be a laugh as we'd need to spend Friday/Saturday night there. I know its a long shot at this short notice but if either of you could make it then great. Let me know, cheers
After the obligatory growling from the ever patient Mrs S I was given the go ahead as long as all layout comes out of my slush fund...I think I can do that. I just can't wait to climb this
[Click to enlarge]


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