Monday, 17 October 2011

Oh what to do?

I am feeling pretty good today after yesterday's jaunt out to Westerham although my legs do feel a little tired which is testimony to how tough the course was.

Monday is traditionally my rest day and the evening normally involves some light chores, correspondence with my students who may want some help and then a little surfing on the interweb. I was looking in on my ultrarunning Twitter feed and was interested to find out from a gent who has the handle Johnnnny_M that there was a television programme on the Coast to Coast path depicting some of the Hardmoors 110 to be held on 2nd June 2012....I was tempted after a flurry of egging on by the usual suspects.

That is until I read my emails and a "test" email had been sent by the organiser of the Grand Union Canal Run to see if the people who had entered the ballot were still interested in entering....what is the date of the event, yep, you've guessed it 2nd June 2012.

To make things worse I get a message via Twitter from the organisers of the Hardmoor 55 telling me that I can still enter for the race on 12th August 2012, brilliant I thought but then I looked at the date again...aaaahhh it was the last day of the Olympics and I can't commit gggrrrr

Never mind, time will tell

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