Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday - A run of two halfs

I was up at 6.00 am this morning with a plan to be out of the house by 6.40 to meet Duncan at his house and then to move on the club house to then join up with our chum Liz. As a lot of people know I am certainly not my best in the morning and don't really "wake up" until about 8.00 am however Liz was full of beans and ready for action

After the decision for a run in the country I was desperately pouring over my map to find a suitable run of about 10 miles and so it agreed that we would run from Shoreham to near Otford Manor.Liz and Duncan were full of beans this morning whilst I still felt a little jaded as we headed off from the car park with the warning from Liz ringing in our ears that we were not allowed to run too fast something I was not intending to do but we soon found ourselves running at a ridiculous pace that we all pulled off a little.

Joining the North Downs Way we soon found ourselves being distracted by various sites along the way including the Otford Solar System (picture right) and then later before a long and high ascent, the Otford Chalk Pit where they used to dig and burn the chalk to create lime.

The big ascent took us up to a field with a sign stating "Please keep dogs on a lead BULL IN FIELD" but we were pleased to note that there was nothing to see although I did have a distinct feeling the pace did pick up on this section. By now I was wide awake and my usual gabby self chatting about this and making my usual noise and on our arrival at a viewpoint said "Isn't it wonderful to stand here with the peace and quiet, you can hear the traffic....." then realised that we couldn't hear the peace and quiet as I was talking too I shut up!

We arrived at Otford Manor and ran to the wooden cross that overlooks the Kemsing valley below to see a fine mist hanging over the fields as the sun rose and enjoyed the moment and break taking in and savouring the view. I was rather pleased to note that we were exactly 5 miles into the run at the turn around point and all looking good after a tough climb ready for the climb down but choosing to take a slightly different route back.

On our way back I can across a lone runner and stopped to chat with him telling him that I thought I recognised him, it turned out he was an ultra runner too and we were both doing the Brecon 40 in December, what were the odds of that, 150 runners and we bump into one of them on a  lonely road in Kent? The next shock was on our return to the field we walked through the gate to find that the bull was on the otherside with his herd of cows and calves, the pace definitely picked up now as we traversed the field.

The run took a new route at this point as we went off road again following the River Darenth arriving back at the car with good humour with a job well done, it is here I bid my farewells to Liz and Duncan when I continued my run on my own
The second half

This is always the hard part when I continued my run by myself, after such wonderful company I realised I had two hours on my own and to try and plan a route that would take in about 11 miles. I had one satsuma and one litre of water, time to go off road again.

I soon got back on the paths and found myself gravitating to a horrific ascent of 200 feet in 0.2 miles which had me sweating buckets and gasping. In the back of my mind I was regretting the fact I had said goodbye to Duncan and Liz but was determined to complete my run and buckled down to a slower more consistent pace through the local golf course and along a secluded country road to discover a new footpath that I decided to investigate but soon turned around as I had no map with me and was foolhardy by myself, we will leave that for another day.. 

At mile 15 I chose to have a breather by the river, eat my satsuma, watch the ducks, wash my hands and then continue on but the sun was well and truelly up by now and it was getting warm so chose to do a longer loop around the main paths we had run (boy that was hard as I was with 100 yards of the car at one point) to take in 21 miles (34 km)

Great run today, thanks liz and Duncan

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