Wednesday, 12 October 2011

They see only what they want to see.

This is a famous quote from The Sixth Sense when the young character Cole Sear tells Malcolm Crowe that the spirits he sees are in denial about being a ghost and "They see only what they want to see." 

I too had been in denial about my foot stubbing incident at the beginning of the month and although I knew it was quite painful for a few days it is only now that I have realised how bruised it was. I remember getting back to the car after the run and saying to George that my "shoes were rubbish" as the heel support was digging into my ankle and it "must be the insoles". I then went out for a walk with the delicious Mrs S and grumbled that my post-run sandals were digging into the grazes caused by my "rubbish" running shoes.

Tonight, I went out for my first run in 8 days, a life time these days, so placing my shoes on my feet I was amazed how well they fitted even around the ankle! I was aware that my quads were achy which I knew I would be able to run out on the way to the club. So off I bounced running through the woods to the club joining in with the 5 mile group for a steady run to run home via the longer path in the woods to home making a lovely 12 miles.

After cooling down I went off to have a bath and it was only then that looking down at my ankles I realised they had veins, a dimple and see the outline of a tendon. In fact this was to say that my ankle was not swollen which had probably been like that for quite a few weeks if not months and I had become accustomed to it.

I really enjoyed my run tonight my ankle felt OK although my foot had a tiny niggle and my head was clear(ing) of the thick cataarh that has been plaguing me...things are looking up at last.

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  1. Things are looking up and that is great! I love that you get to run through the woods to your club and back home.