Friday, 28 October 2011

The weekend and other things

I am really looking forward to this weekend as I have so many things to do and see; firstly I have to be up early on Saturday morning to rush up to London for my training an Olympic test event in January. The session doesn't seem to be too heavy as it is only 4 hours long but I imagine there will be a lot of induction, then practical sessions, either way it sounds good fun.

I then have to rush back, do some chores and then be out to collect Duncan, Liz and Kevin to get to Shoreham for the Night Run - A Saucerful of Secrets which I will talk about much more over the weekend but it promises to be a fulfilling 10 mile run, I hope to see another 6 runners there.

That done, I plan to run on Sunday too and as of yet have no distance or route but would like to force out about 20 miles if my legs are up to it, we'll see.


  1. A saucerful of secrets .... remembering the Pink Floyd.
    Enjoy the week end.

  2. hey! they are not my walking poles in your comment! I had to pull Blackwater marathon this morning owing to a purple ankle.....pity as was looking forward to it.

    Make sure you don't drink too much cider before you anti-doping meeting.....

  3. Phew, great to know they were not your walking poles Rob :-)

    Eeekk, I hope your ankle is OK, what was it caused by? Boots? Over doing it?