Friday, 14 October 2011

What did you say?

The plan this evening was to go out for a 12 mile (~20km) and had got an idea of a route in my head...a pretty cool route that involved a little night cross country, that is, until the delightful Mrs S inadvertently changed the plan.

Mrs S had been labouring over a birthday cake my daughter had baked and created a work of art, all white icing, pink letters and feathers for a friend's daughter who was 18 today. It was our duty to deliver it in one piece and who was I to argue? So a change of plans was on the books.

On arriving at our friend's house I bid my farewells and scarpered up the street, Garmin on, a vague route in my head the problem being that it was along a bunch of main roads made all the busier by the flurry of Friday night traffic; the noise was horrendous and not at all pleasant. It still amazes me that this section of road is a popular route for wannabe marathon runners as they approach the final stages of their 12 week programme and possibly the most unpleasant road to run.

Sticking to the roads until later on in the run I slogged out the miles to get home very pleased that I had completed a nicely paced run but still pining for the tranquility of a woodland path away from all the traffic.

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