Thursday, 13 October 2011

What a load of balls

No running on Wednesday evenings for the time being as I am now back teaching at the university. It was a 12 hour day and considering that it was a busy one both at work and at college I was pleased that appeared to be no ill effects from my 12 mile run after an 8 day break.

However, this morning, as I walked to the station I came very aware of this hideously sharp pain in the back of my leg that would come and go on a regular basis. It was the type of pain that makes you take in a sharp inhale of breath. So on my arrival there was only one thing to do, get my trusty tennis ball from my bookshelf and place it on the chair under my thigh and sit down carrying on my work regardless. It was pretty impressive as after about 10 minutes the pain went away, it must have been some type of knot which was ironed out nicely.

As for tonight, I went for a nice bouncy 10km run cutting across the local woodland park requiring a headtorch needless to say I had no problems with my thigh although my foot did grumble a little so will watch that area carefully over the coming days. 

1 comment:

  1. Glad you could sort it out so easily and quickly. Tennis balls can do magic.