Wednesday, 5 October 2011

What was I thinking?

I have probably under played my current injury thinking that I have a reasonably good recovery rate but Sunday's trip is a little bit more serious than I first thought. 

On Sunday I had a little niggle in my calf/ankle which I first took as very minor and usually a run out will iron the creases out and it was fine during the run. The stumble on an innocuous root caused me to pull up in a rather dramatic way with my outer two toes of my right foot being bent back making me react by bending my foot up and out to pull the calf muscle. A quick pit stop, a prod of a thumb and finger suggested all was OK so we carried on, after all we only had a mile or so to go!

I got home and like a good little runner got a bag of ice on my calf, foot and toes whilst I had my breakfast with a cup of coffee. Everything felt fine until.......Monday morning.

Monday morning I awoke with a sore throat, streaming nose and a horrific headache, you've got it Man Flu. The problem being that I took various cold remedies that contain pain killers which whilst making me feel better and hiding the symptoms of my cold also hid the pain and discomfort of my foot and ankle.

Stressful day at working after we were summonsed to the meeting room to tell us about the future of our jobs made a run at the club a requirement that is until I got home and was told on no uncertain terms of my foolhardy thoughts my the ever sensible and delightful Mrs S. She advised me about some nonsense about running with a temperature and exacerbating an already increased injury. I have to say she does provide good feedback sometimes....what was I thinking?

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