Friday, 21 October 2011

White Van Man strikes again

Thursday evening again and regular readers will know that this is the day that I am often very tired and demotivated. I was in the kitchen cooking my tea when my youngest daughter strolled in wearing a t-shirt, track bottoms and trainers announcing that she was going for a run with her I definitely had to go for that run and had plotted out a loop that would take me along to the Blackwall Tunnel approach and then around the South Circular to return home, locals reading this blog will know what I mean when I say A20, A205 and A2212, basically busy roads all 9  miles (~15km) of them.

As I plodded around my mind wandered off to various things but was coming more and more aware that the traffic seem to comprise mostly white Transit vans, hundreds of white vans scuttling like ants along sugar coated trails to their nests or where ever they go of an evening. Fine I thought, that is what happens on main roads until through my musings some idiot in a....wait for a white van can hurtling up from a side nearly knocking me for six was it not for my dainty footwork. I said nothing as I have learnt  that you never win with White Van(gry) Man so moving on I got another mile when yet again some idiot in his white van hurtled past mounting the pavement to a halt just yards from me...madness

It was tough to run tonight but glad I did it but have a feeling I may be going down with something but averaging 8 miles (13 km) a day at the moment

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  1. That sounds quite scary. One reason I prefer running early in the morning is to avoid traffic. I barely see any cars or vans on my runs. Have a good weekend!