Thursday, 10 November 2011

By Jove

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It has been quite an eventful week this week what with being accepted on the GUCR event next June on Monday, reaching 2,000 miles for the year on Tuesday.

 This evening my plan was to knock out 10 miles sticking to the pavements where possible and to investigate whether I was able to cross a local bridge on foot that had been closed for repairs. It is a strange feeling running down the middle of a closed road that is normally busy with cars to find it so, so quiet. As I trudged down the road I looked up to a clear black sky and through the trees saw the full moon shining down on me keeping me company with its new companion just to its side, Jupiter (Jove). 

I had a strange feeling, almost comforting, to have Jove the Roman god of the sky and thunder on my shoulder as I went on my lonely and weary way. A strange thing really but it kept my mind distracted to get through the run comfortably.

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  1. I always look at the moon, planets and stars during my early morning runs. It is all just so amazing.