Friday, 11 November 2011

A challenge worthy of some respect

My next challenge is soon to be upon us, in fact only a month away and the organisers have now loaded the route, required kit lists and helpful tips. The Brecon Beacons 40 mile Ultra will prove to be a worthy opponent and I have taken some time to look over the map of the course and then map it out on a mapping website. Ordnance Survey maps do not show all the paths and so I am assuming we will be taken well worn ascents and descents along the courses of streams and contouring where necessary. The stats make some interesting reading:

Total Ascent: 5889 ft (1795 m)
Total Descent: 6126 ft (1867 m)
Start Elevation: 381 ft (116 m)
End Elevation: 380 ft (116 m)
Min Elevation: 369 ft (113 m)
Max Elevation: 1949 ft (594 m)

The total distance is approximately 40 miles (64 km) and proves to be a tough number and as you can see from the image above some vicious ascents and descents

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  1. Indeed a tough challenge. Good luck.
    About Dire Straits, I am leaving for Rome to follow the Mark Knopfler's concert.